Our first contact with Jacob sheep came when we visited the F & F Maverick Farm in Fort Collins, Colorado. Janine Fenton and Diane Fagerburg, owners of the well known Rockies and Maverick line of Jacob sheep, shared their enthusiasm and knowledge with us. When we found out that Jacob sheep were on the endangered species list we knew we wanted to help preserve this magnificent breed of sheep. Although they are no longer considered “endangered” our interest continues to grow. We purchased our first Jacob Sheep from Diane and Janine in 1999 and became members of the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association.


Rockies Regent - B057-99
Canberra Ethan x Rockies' Natalie

Rockies Regent was our first Jacob ram. A handsome guy with a great personality. His use was cut short when he sustained a back injury in 2004.
Kreutzer Farms Trion - C127-05
Rockies Regent x Maverick Moya

flock sire -2005-2009

Maverick Major - C102-04
Maverick Little Gabe x Maverick Tabitha

flock sire - 2004-2012


Craft's Peter Gun - D086-05
Hurricane Hill Jozeppi x Craft's Ruby Gentry

flock sire - 2005-2008

Kreutzer Farms Tonto- D068-05
Maverick Major x Kreutzer Farms Salli

flock sire - 2005-2009
4Horn Farm's Estes- B121-07
Chicory Lane Chaucer x 4 Horn Farm's Nebraska

flock sire - 2007-2009

Brink-May New Jersey- C156-06
Brink-May Sir Havier x Brink May Lady Janet

flock sire - 2006-2008

Unzicker Jedd - C115-08
Rockies' Madagascar x Rockies' Ibarra

flock sire - 2010-2012

4Horn Farm's Jackpot - B108-08
Canberra Constible x Spahr Farm Penelope

flock sire - 2008-2012

Kreutzer Farms Tulsa- C113-07
Kreutzer Farms Stormy x Maverick Mercedes

flock sire - 2006-2012


Kreutzer Farms Hank - D030-11
Maverick Major x Unzicker Hailey

flock sire - 2010-2015

Puddleduck Porter - D115-11
bide a wee Montgomery x Puddleduck Marin

flock sire - 2011-2014

Hunter's Glen Sarge A044-13
Patchwork Abraham x Hunter's Glen Florence

Kreutzer Farms Dekes - D021-14
Unzicker Jedd x Kreutzer Farms Teekie

St. Jude's Duke FF025-13
St. Jude's Movada x St. Jude's Contesa

flock sire 2013-2014


These ewes from some of the earlier lines of Jacob sheep have been the foundation of our flock. Many descendents of this group are in our flock today.

Maverick Moya - C029-00
Canberra Merlin x Maverick Bridey
Rockies Rozalia - C039-99
Maverick Dune X Maverick Marin
Canberra Tiffany - C006-98
Canberra's Striking Laddie x Canberra's Clo

Rockies Rochette - C030-00
Jones Flag x I See Spots Inga
Maverick Mercedes- B033-00
St. Judes Conquistador X Canberra Cloe
Rockies Rossalini - C027-00
Canberra Merlin x Rockies' Ingrid

Maverick Maria - C037-99
Maverick Dresdon x Canberra's Miranda
Kreutzer Farms Teekie - C137-05
Rockies Regent x Rockies Rozalia
Rockies Rio - C028-00
Canberra Merlin x Rockies' Ibbara
Kreutzer Farms Tansi- D065-05
Craft's Piedmont X Kreutzer Farms Jessica
Kreutzer Farms Toodles - C131-05
Rockies Regent x Rockies Rio
Kreutzer Farms Tassie - C135-05
Rockies Regent X Canberra Tiffany


Kreutzer Farms Sassy - D114-06
Kreutzer Farms Stormy X Mavericka Moya
  Kreutzer Farms Kieko- D115-06
Kreutzer Farms Stormy x Maverick Maria

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