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Charles and Kay Kreutzer
15165 Hwy 10
Kearney, NE 68847
(cell) 308-627-2718

Kreutzer Farms is located in central Nebraska, near Kearney, about 20 minutes north of I-80.
Our flock of about 30 plus ewes and 3 or 4 rams is a unique sight in the heart of Nebraska

We enjoy the primitive nature of our Jacobs. The primitive nature of Jacob Sheep has many good qualities for the owner. The natural hardiness they possess, with few health problems; lambing ease and wonderful mothering ability make Jacob Sheep easy for the shepherd. A small and efficient breed, more Jacob Sheep can be maintained per acre than larger, modern breeds.
We love the special personality of each of our Jacob Sheep..

Our goals are to produce an animal consistent with breed standards, but also with diverse characteristics within the breed standards. Wool production is another important trait for our flock. Jacob fleece provides a soft and lofty wool that is a favorite of hand spinners.

We usually have sheep for sale and also fiber products including: fleeces, roving, yarn and some finished products.


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